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Friday, July 13, 2012

DIY Ribbon Hairband | 4 comments:

I was having two days off work this week so in order to fill my free time, I've decided to DIY a hairband. I have been longing for this Ferragamo ribbon hairband for the longest time but was too broke to buy one. 

Cotton Hairband by Ferragamo

And since I have so many craft materials and felts fabrics at home, I thought, why not just make one!

The materials needed are: Felts, plain hairband, ribbon, glue, needle and thread.

In the end, I did not use the needle and thread because I used the glue to stick everything up.

Both the felts and plain hairband were bought in Etsy. I love the felts very much and I usually use it to make my amigurumi dolls. :)

After wrapping the plain hairband and made a double bow, I stick both together and voila! Hairband is made...

I've even stick two rhinestones in the middle to add some bling to it.. I likey!


Callie said...

That's a very nice ribbon bow!
Do you make and sell them?

Ms Clementine said...

Thanks Callie..
Im not selling them at the moment..They're just for my own use :)

Amy said...

Nice blog! keep it up

Ms Clementine said...

Thanks Amy!

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