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Sunday, March 03, 2013

Life Lessons | No comments:

In this mere three months, I've learnt so much about life than I had for the past few years.

I'm pretty much a very simple minded person, although with an attitude, I always wear my heart on my sleeves.

Words I said, despite most of the time being very crude and hurtful are usually spoken from my heart. I sometimes have to put up a mask, especially to my superior because you can't go up to your boss and ask him to go F himself no matter how pissed you are, well unless, you are prepared to leave.

Things that I do, are never done with an ulterior motives. I do my best to help out because I feel that it is a nice thing to do. I will run the extra mile for my friends because I feel that they deserved it. Maybe the only time when I did something with a motive was when I was hoping for an increment and promotion in my job. But other than that, there were never any hidden agendas. And people around me knew it very well.

Until recently.

I was pretty much in shocked to find out that there are people out there, where every moves and every speech had a hidden motive. And it pretty much scared the shit outta me. Because you never knew that the person you thought is your friend might be the one doing the backstabbing behind you. Or someone who is helping you is actually trying to sabotage you. Or someone you trusted with your life is actually taking advantage of you for their own benefits. You will never know.

So lessons that I learnt from all these are:

a) Never to trust someone that you've just met wholeheartedly because you might end up in so much disappointment

b) Never login to any of your personal sites and instant messages with your company's gadgets.

c) Never underestimate a person's capabilities.

d) Never get attached to someone so easily especially when you only known this person for a short period of time.

Like I said on my Facebook post, it saddened me that I had only learnt all this now when I had been working for so long. But like they said, it is better late than never.

And now it's time to move on to another chapter of life. Hopefully less challenging and dramatic as the past three months.

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