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Friday, March 22, 2013

Short Films Screening By Filmmakers Anonymous | No comments:

From young, I've always been skeptical about films and movies produced by our local film makers. But ever since I've started to watch short films produced by our local Youtubers, they proved me wrong. They showed me that Malaysians are creative and can do really well in film industry.

So I was very excited when I saw FA18 happening in Palate Palette (which also happens to be one of my absolute favorite bar in Changkat Bukit Bintang).

Briefly, Filmmakers Anonymous (FA), is a non-profit organization in Malaysia that provide a platform for local film makers to have their work exposed to more people. Once every two to three months, FA will organized an event, where they screen a compilation of shorts sent to them.

The lovely organizer welcoming the guests

And on 19th of March, we were fortunate to catch a total 8 short films. 

1) Fragments 
2) Masturbasi O (I cracked my head trying to figure out what it was about but I gave up after 2 minutes because it was simply too deep to understand) 
3) How To Sell? 
4) Langad Di Odu (A very touching story about an elderly who is longing for her daughter, who ran away from home to be with her lover)
5) Share (Short about the current generation's addiction to the mobile phone and Social Media platforms)
6) Kopi Dan  Dia (One of my favorite)
7) 3075:My Earth
8) Man And Woman (Almost fell asleep watching this)

I would say that, some were interesting, some were intriguing, and sorry to say this, but one or two were really meh~  

The director of "Kopi Dan Dia" and "Share"
One of my favorite would be "Kopi Dan Dia", which is a story about a man who had to choose between his wife and his homosexual lover. 

And after the screening, the director was invited to come up for a short Q&A session. And I was totally in awed to know that it took them almost a day just to shoot a cup of coffee.

Here's a short teaser for "Kopi Dan Dia".

I enjoyed the night, except I was sitting right behind a group of heavy smokers. And it was unfortunate that I just had my hair washed before stepping out and my hair smell so bad when I reached home. But I really look forward for FA19, which hopefully will happen soon.

So it you are an inspiring film maker who would love to share your shorts with more people, you may contact Filmmakers Anonymous at filmaholic(at)gmail(dot)com.

And if you would love to attend the screenings or would love to know more about FA, you may check out their Facebook at

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