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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Friendship | No comments:

I was once a very naive person who used to treat almost everyone who speak to me for more than 30 minutes as best friend. But more than often, these relationship were not reciprocated. And due to many mistakes that I made for the past few years, I've lost a huge bunch of whom I used to call, my friends.

It seems childish that at my age (28!), I still have problems identifying who are my real friends.

I used to have a really close friend whom I shared my thoughts with. Someone I appreciated very much. I knew her since high school days. But due to some drawback and misintepretation, she ended up cutting all ties with me. I was terribly hurt at first, but as time goes by, it made me realised that no matter how strong a friendship is, it doesn't last.

Up till this day, I am still facing with friendship that were not commensurated, which left me feeling really despaired. Despite the care I had and all the measures that I took to help, in the end, it felt that all along, I was just a mere nuisance.

Although I am pretty much dishearten by these, I learnt to appreciate those that I have now. Those who helped me and were there for me through thick and thin. Who lent their ears when I need to let out my sorrow. Those who've seen me laugh and cry.

And my husband once said, best friend will never avoid telling you the truth because at the end of the day, no matter how hurtful the truth was, it was for my own betterment. And they did it because they cared~

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