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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Day Two At New Workplace | No comments:

April had been a really good month for me so far. I've finally secured a job as a Marketing Communications Exec in an international pest control and hygiene company.

This is my first time working in a corporate world where everything has to go by the standard operating procedures. And honestly, I find it a little overwhelming and have yet to get used to it. I'm too used to work in a small scale, relaxing and fun working environment.

Take WG for example, there were only four of us in the same office and we were free to chat, joke, laugh out loud and sometimes sing and dance in the office. Our office was always filled with fun and laughters. Even during our lunch time. I doubt I will be able to create the same atmosphere over here as we are sharing the same office with 50 other staffs.

Where I will be seated on the first week
On my first week, I had been scheduled by my superior to join the company's induction program. It is pretty much like an orientation where a representative from each department comes over and do a presentation on what their department is about, what are their roles in the company and what are their working procedures like. It was pretty awesome as I am able to get to know the organization and the people here better. I'm actually waiting for the next presentation on the company's cash management while I was drafting this blog entry on my notepad.

In the next three days, I will be joining the service technicians and sales personnel on a field attachment to see how things are done outside of the office. I am super excited but also worried at the same time. My team mates assured me that it is going to be a lot of fun so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

View from the meeting room
Oh yeah, I was totally astounded when I found out that staffs are NOT ALLOWED to use the company's wifi on the mobile phones. Oh bugger!! Tsk..tsk.. tsk..

My working attire!
And the best part about working here will be, there a shopping mall RIGHT BEHIND the office building!!! I can't wait to go shopping after work! It's super awesome!!!

I went and walked around the mall right after work and found out that this mall is one of the LOUSIEST MALL that I've ever been too. Hands down! So.. boooooooooo!

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