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Sunday, December 09, 2012

Dining In The Dark KL, Changkat Bukit BIntang | 3 comments:

Last week, I was given the privilege to give Dining In The Dark KL a try. 

As the name suggested it, guests are literally having their meal in the total darkness. Pitch black! This is a very interesting concept that started in Europe but Dining In The Dark KL is the first and only restaurant in Malaysia with such extraordinary idea.

When I was informed by my manager to be ready for this adventure, little did I expect that it will be so dark to the point that I can't even see my own hand.

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This is what you will see throughout the dinner.

So I was kinda nervous when I was guided into the dark room by the "Darkness Expert". I was hanging on to Amy's shoulder so tightly because I don't wanna be left behind. It did helped a lot that I had my friends with me. It made me feel secured knowing that I am not alone.

Once we were seated (with the help of the "Darkness Expert" of course), we were served with our choice of drink. Guest get to choose their preferred drink from a selection of wines, juices and soft drinks. 

Right after that, our food came.

The menu was kept a mystery to give our taste bud a test.

There were more than ten choices of food, consist of appetizers, the main courses and also desserts. The food were prepared to perfection. Each of them was carefully selected by the team to allow guests to enjoy the gastronomic and wonderful experience to the fullest.

Me and my friends had a really good time eating, guessing what we put into our mouth and enjoying the music in the background. There were one moment, which I particularly fond of, when Nicole, the restaurant manager, played a Teresa Teng's number and all of us including some of the other guests started singing to it.

It was very memorable indeed.

I was in awed with the top notch service provided by the Dining In The Dark KL team. With most of them being visually impaired, I would say that they did amazingly. I was totally inspired by them.

I would say that this is an eye-opening adventure that I think everyone should give it a try. After the dinner, it made all of us realized how lucky we all are to be able to see the light.

For more information, you may wanna check out:

Dining In The Dark KL

44A & 46A, Changkat Bukit Bintang,
50200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

For reservation, you may call:
+603 2110 0431


Doris said...

What a special concept.. mind sharing how much are they charging per pax?

Ms Clementine said...

Hi Doris,

They are charging RM88+ for a 3-course dinner. And it comes with aperitifs and after dinner hot drink.

Rachel said...

Wow..this is very nicely written..we've heard about this dining concept years ago but never had a chance to try it. Now that it's in KL, definitely have to go one day.

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