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Sunday, December 02, 2012

Fashion Illustration : Red Chiffon Evening Gown | No comments:

I was really excited when I was requested by a client to re-design her prom gown to change it from beautiful to OMG-THIS-IS-GORGEOUS.

So we had a discussion and we came up with a two ideas, one was to add a sash at the back to resemble a tail. Next, a better idea came by. And that was to change the sweetheart gown to ONE SHOULDER with a looooong sash flowing down from the shoulder. My client loved it! I love it too.

The next task was to search for fabric. And boy, it wasn't easy to find Silk Chiffon in the exact same red tone of the original gown. I was walking around town for two days looking for it. And I was so relieved when I found it in Gulati's, Kota Damansara! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

And here is the sketch that I've done for them so that they have a better picture of what I have in mind.

I gotta go and start work now. I can't wait to see the final results. Stay tuned!

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