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Friday, December 14, 2012

Fashion Illustration : Green Evening Gown Sketched Half Asleep | 2 comments:

So I slept really late last night because I had three glasses of long blacks yesterday. I went to sleep at about 3.30am, not because I was sleepy, but because I got a shocked looking at my eyebags. It's crazy.

But then, my brain decides to wake my body up at 7.00am for no reason.


And then while I was sitting on my working desk, my right hand starting doodling something....

And voila.. this illustration is done!

The left hand looked so damn deformed!


christian kent paglinawan said...

wow the coloring is great..... what kind of medium did you use in doing this?

Ms Clementine said...

Hi Christian,

I actually used Photoshop to do this.

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