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Thursday, December 27, 2012

2012 Christmas Celebration | No comments:

Call me boring but I always lead a very dull life. Partly because I have a small little baby boy and a powerful EMPRESS at home. I never attended any parties, never been to any chill out session and I probably didn't have any social life whatsoever. And another reason would my crazy working hours. I used to have to work from morning till late night, even more so on a PUBLIC HOLIDAY. I'm pretty glad that I'm out of it. Fashion industry is a lot of fun, but the ridiculous working hours is not.

So this year, I had it differently!

I spent my Christmas Eve by helping out in Dining In The Dark KL. Serving drinks, chatting with the guests, carrying coffee and tea up from downstairs. Tiring, but fun!

After all that, I went to sit down on my favorite spot in TEN On Changkat to online. I probably annoyed the DJ so much by asking her to help me with my laptop's power plug. I think I got her to plug in and plug out of my cable at least 6 times? OMG, I'm sorry DJ Evilecktrik, if you are reading this, please don't hate me!

Clock ticks 12am and there were fireworks and sounds of vuvuzelas making a lot of noise outside. Very annoying, that vuvuzela.

The party had started upstairs so I went up to snap a few photos of the partying upstairs. But I sucks at taking photos and I ended up with these sucky photos.

Horrible photos.

Anyway, I had an eye-opening jaw-dropping views of couples french kissing in the open. I was kinda terrified really. Hey, it's not everyday that i get to see couples having tongue action live. But it's not something that I wanna encounter often.

After that, I went back to TEN to annoy the hell of the DJ again and was joined by my colleagues, Rain, Tong and Darius. As it was getting ridiculously noisy, we headed over to The Whisky Bar KL for a really nice mature drink. And we had chocolate fondue accompanied by a shot of whisky!

After our chit chatting session, the gang had to leave because they have to work tomorrow. I was left alone waiting for the husband to come. And this happened.

Not bad, not bad at all.. :D

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