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Monday, June 24, 2013

Horrible Haze In Malaysia And Singapore | No comments:

For the past few days, Malaysians and Singaporeans had been living miserably in a critically air polluted state. If I am not wrong, it has been decades since we had such bad haze in Malaysia.

On Saturday, I woke up thinking that there were fire burning in my apartment because my house was so smoky and smelt extremely bad. And I had a shocked when I went to the balcony and was greeted by this view.

haze, air pollution, Malaysia, Petaling Jaya
View from balcony (22th June 2013)

The weather was already very hot and humid on normal days but the haze made it so much worst. I had to shower three times last night in order to get a fairly good sleep because it was too hot.

As if all these conditions are not bad enough, I was most agitated by how our government is handling this matter. There were talks about cloud seeding to induce rain. But that was it, a lot of talking but no action. And out of nowhere, there were reports saying that cloud seeding is useless for now due to the current condition.

So are we going to just cross our arms and wait for the wind to blow the haze away? 

haze, pollution, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
View along LDP (22nd June 2013)

And it seems like there are some who is more idiotic competition around that we are unaware of, because despite the unefficiency shown by our gov, Indonesian gov managed to come up with even more moronic remarks.

Instead of apologizing or coming up with a solution to stop the haze, Indonesia's gov actually had the nerve to point fingers at us by stating that the companies that did the forest burning are owned by Malaysian and Singaporean.

What a ludicrous thing to say!

Dear imbeciles in Indonesia (I was so tempted to use foul languages here but had to control myself to make sure that this blog is clean of any vulgarities),

Let me tell you what I think about your brainless comments. So those who started the burning was actually Malaysians and Singaporeans, it happened in your country and it is up to your jurisdiction to prosecute them. And it is your land that they are burning. Are you trying to say that as long as the health of your people are not affected, you have no problem with them burning your land away?

Or have you benefited something from it, therefore, you can't take any action against them?

haze, air pollution, klang valley, malaysia
Comparison between 21st and 22nd June 2013

And for you to ask the Singaporeans to stop behaving like a child is such brainless thing to say. People's health are compromised, many have been hospitalised due to difficulties in breathing. Children, elderly and pregnant women are especially affected by this whole ordeal.

And eventhough it is advisable to stay inside our house but for God's sake, we are suffocating even inside our house. Of course we have every right to complaint!

I know by saying this will reflect on me badly, but I seriously hope that there are some serious calamity in your country soon so that your people would suffer the same thing.

Lorry emiting smoke in the midst of horrible haze

I am seriously hoping that it will rain soon to wash away all the smoke (I am pretty sure many are wishing for the same thing). And to G. Palanivel, you gotto seriously step up your game to oversome this problem, since your boss is no where to be seen, most probably hiding with his family in somewhere with fresh air and a lot of shopping malls.

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