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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Kim Jong Kook in Malaysia | No comments:

16th of June 2013 is definitely one of date worth remember. It is this day when I finally met my favorite Running Man. Kim Jong Kook immediately became one of my favorite Korean celebrity ever since I caught the Running Man bug a few months back.

kim jong kook in malaysia, running man
Kim Jong Kook being asked some silly questions

Waited almost an hour for his appearance but it was definitely worth the wait. He didn't performed any of his song, but seeing him in person is enough to make the fans grinning from ear to ear. As the event focused on fan-signing, Kim Jong Kook was ushered to the signing table a few minutes after the short interview by a lousy host.

Me, my colleagues and a random dude that we made friend with on that day
After the fan signing session started, we went to Chilli's for lunch. The amazing part was, the signing session lasted for almost 2 hours. Can you imagine signing your name for 2 hours straight? That was probably one of the reason why Kim Jong Kook trained his muscles hard.

Lunch at Chilli's

My colleagues left after lunch while we went back to the center court. I was hesitating to leave eventhough there were nothing else to see besides watching him signing on his posters. One thing I felt quite unethical was that fans are made to pay RM100 to get Kim Jong Kook's signature. What happened to those days when fan signing are done for free?

While lingering around the stage, I saw Kim Jong Kook's manager. This guy here appeared on Running Man quite a number of times so I was not surprised when fans wanted to have their photos taken with him too. 

Kim Jong Kook's manager in the limelight as well
It was one of the best decision made when we decided to wait till the very end because posters were thrown to the fans after that. And I got myself one of his poster. The feeling was amazing.

I hope Kim Jong Kook had fun in Malaysia and would return again, maybe with the rest of the Running Man members. For now, please excuse me while I drool at his poster.

Ahhhh~ <3

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