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Thursday, December 27, 2012

2012 Christmas Celebration | No comments:

Call me boring but I always lead a very dull life. Partly because I have a small little baby boy and a powerful EMPRESS at home. I never attended any parties, never been to any chill out session and I probably didn't have any social life whatsoever. And another reason would my crazy working hours. I used to have to work from morning till late night, even more so on a PUBLIC HOLIDAY. I'm pretty glad that I'm out of it. Fashion industry is a lot of fun, but the ridiculous working hours is not.

So this year, I had it differently!

I spent my Christmas Eve by helping out in Dining In The Dark KL. Serving drinks, chatting with the guests, carrying coffee and tea up from downstairs. Tiring, but fun!

After all that, I went to sit down on my favorite spot in TEN On Changkat to online. I probably annoyed the DJ so much by asking her to help me with my laptop's power plug. I think I got her to plug in and plug out of my cable at least 6 times? OMG, I'm sorry DJ Evilecktrik, if you are reading this, please don't hate me!

Clock ticks 12am and there were fireworks and sounds of vuvuzelas making a lot of noise outside. Very annoying, that vuvuzela.

The party had started upstairs so I went up to snap a few photos of the partying upstairs. But I sucks at taking photos and I ended up with these sucky photos.

Horrible photos.

Anyway, I had an eye-opening jaw-dropping views of couples french kissing in the open. I was kinda terrified really. Hey, it's not everyday that i get to see couples having tongue action live. But it's not something that I wanna encounter often.

After that, I went back to TEN to annoy the hell of the DJ again and was joined by my colleagues, Rain, Tong and Darius. As it was getting ridiculously noisy, we headed over to The Whisky Bar KL for a really nice mature drink. And we had chocolate fondue accompanied by a shot of whisky!

After our chit chatting session, the gang had to leave because they have to work tomorrow. I was left alone waiting for the husband to come. And this happened.

Not bad, not bad at all.. :D

Friday, December 14, 2012

Fashion Illustration : Green Evening Gown Sketched Half Asleep | 2 comments:

So I slept really late last night because I had three glasses of long blacks yesterday. I went to sleep at about 3.30am, not because I was sleepy, but because I got a shocked looking at my eyebags. It's crazy.

But then, my brain decides to wake my body up at 7.00am for no reason.


And then while I was sitting on my working desk, my right hand starting doodling something....

And voila.. this illustration is done!

The left hand looked so damn deformed!

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Dining In The Dark KL, Changkat Bukit BIntang | 3 comments:

Last week, I was given the privilege to give Dining In The Dark KL a try. 

As the name suggested it, guests are literally having their meal in the total darkness. Pitch black! This is a very interesting concept that started in Europe but Dining In The Dark KL is the first and only restaurant in Malaysia with such extraordinary idea.

When I was informed by my manager to be ready for this adventure, little did I expect that it will be so dark to the point that I can't even see my own hand.

dining in the dark, dining in the dark KL, dinner at changkat bukit bintang, dining in the dark malaysia, dining in the dark kuala lumpur

This is what you will see throughout the dinner.

So I was kinda nervous when I was guided into the dark room by the "Darkness Expert". I was hanging on to Amy's shoulder so tightly because I don't wanna be left behind. It did helped a lot that I had my friends with me. It made me feel secured knowing that I am not alone.

Once we were seated (with the help of the "Darkness Expert" of course), we were served with our choice of drink. Guest get to choose their preferred drink from a selection of wines, juices and soft drinks. 

Right after that, our food came.

The menu was kept a mystery to give our taste bud a test.

There were more than ten choices of food, consist of appetizers, the main courses and also desserts. The food were prepared to perfection. Each of them was carefully selected by the team to allow guests to enjoy the gastronomic and wonderful experience to the fullest.

Me and my friends had a really good time eating, guessing what we put into our mouth and enjoying the music in the background. There were one moment, which I particularly fond of, when Nicole, the restaurant manager, played a Teresa Teng's number and all of us including some of the other guests started singing to it.

It was very memorable indeed.

I was in awed with the top notch service provided by the Dining In The Dark KL team. With most of them being visually impaired, I would say that they did amazingly. I was totally inspired by them.

I would say that this is an eye-opening adventure that I think everyone should give it a try. After the dinner, it made all of us realized how lucky we all are to be able to see the light.

For more information, you may wanna check out:

Dining In The Dark KL

44A & 46A, Changkat Bukit Bintang,
50200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

For reservation, you may call:
+603 2110 0431

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Fashion Illustration : Red Chiffon Evening Gown | No comments:

I was really excited when I was requested by a client to re-design her prom gown to change it from beautiful to OMG-THIS-IS-GORGEOUS.

So we had a discussion and we came up with a two ideas, one was to add a sash at the back to resemble a tail. Next, a better idea came by. And that was to change the sweetheart gown to ONE SHOULDER with a looooong sash flowing down from the shoulder. My client loved it! I love it too.

The next task was to search for fabric. And boy, it wasn't easy to find Silk Chiffon in the exact same red tone of the original gown. I was walking around town for two days looking for it. And I was so relieved when I found it in Gulati's, Kota Damansara! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

And here is the sketch that I've done for them so that they have a better picture of what I have in mind.

I gotta go and start work now. I can't wait to see the final results. Stay tuned!

P/S: If you want to have your wedding or evening gown altered or modified, feel free to contact me at You may also check out my previous works at!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

How To Wear Studs And Embellishments At Work | No comments:

Recently, studs, heavy embellishments and large prints had dominated the fashion world. But how do you carry this look to work?

Here are three looks that I would totally wear to work. 

printed jacket, printed shoes, embellishments at work, work wear, edgy work wear, pencil skirt

Simple red tank top + pencil skirt + jacket combo. The basics were kept simple so that you can go heavy on the jacket, shoes and accessories.

studded shoes, lacy pencil skirt, embellished collar top, printed jacket, printed shoes, embellishments at work, work wear, edgy work wear, pencil skirt

Who says you can't pair studs and lace together? Go edgy and yet sophisticated with lacy pencil skirt and studded accessories. 

embellished collar blouse, pastel chiffon top, peplum skirt, printed jacket, printed shoes, embellishments at work, work wear, edgy work wear, pencil skirt

Get in touch with your sweet and innocent side with embellished pastel top and peplum skirt combo. Paired it up with cream shoes and accessories to bring out that girly side in you.

All garments, shoes and accessories are from Miss Selfridge

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fashion Illustration : Mandarin Collared Lace Wedding Gown | No comments:

This is a drawing that I did for my friend before she left for Spain. She told me she loves her wedding gown to have a "turtleneck" design. :D

Hope that she loves this.

I would love it if anyone reading this post could give me some comments on how I can improve my drawing. It will be very much appreciated. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fashion Illustration : Organza Evening Gown | No comments:

evening gown illustration, fashion sketch, bridal gown sketch, evening gown sketch

This gown is probably made of Silk Organza with a layer of Duchess Satin underneath. Dark Grey will probably be chosen as it's one of my favorite color now.

I really need to improve on drawing the ruffles, shading and coloring because it still look very amateurish in the above sketch. Practice makes perfect! Hopefully.. hehehe

By the way, the above gown is sketched based on the evening gown below.

pronovias evening gown, cocktail gown, luxury gown

from Pronovias 2012 Cocktail Gowns Collection

If only I have the figure to carry this gown.. *daydreams

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Flowy Kaftans | No comments:

Recently, I've been going head over heels with kaftans. 

I don't have a slim figure, but oh boy, wearing a kaftan do help to make me look as if I've shed a few kgs. Which is a good thing. Apart from the beautiful prints, kaftans are usually made of soft and flowy fabric like chiffon which is so comfortable to wear in our hot climate.

Here are some of the kaftans design that I really love!  

kaftan top, floral kaftan, wear kaftan to office, modern kaftan

Summer Kaftan by Lisa Maree

The plunging neckline with sequin details are so sexy. And the length is just nice to wear it just like that.

kaftan top, floral kaftan, wear kaftan to office, modern kaftan

Silk Kaftan by Emma Cook

Leopard print kaftan tunic. <3

kaftan top, floral kaftan, wear kaftan to office, modern kaftan, pink kaftan

Sheer Kaftan by Prophecy

Ahh.. This is my absolute favorite.. The color, the design, the sequins.. This is genius.

So how do you wear kaftan to work without looking sloppy?

Pair it with a pencil skirt!

Everything look like it's really formal with a pencil skirt.

kaftan top, floral kaftan, wear kaftan to office, modern kaftan


Friday, August 24, 2012

Pink Wedding Gown | No comments:

I was browsing through Rosa Clara's 2013 Bridal Collection when I stumbled upon this wedding gown..

Pastel pink one shoulder wedding gown by Rosa Clara. This wedding gown is so cute. The color, the floral design, the ballgown cut that would make my waist looked more defined.

Look at the floral details on the gown!! It's so dainty, so elegant and oh so sweet..

Rosa Clara

And the accessories are to-die-for too. Look at the earring!! Pink pearl?? 

Why aren't there anything like this on our wedding?? 

Ohhh, hubby! Let's get married again!! *sigh~* 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fashion Illustration : Minimalist Wedding Gown | 3 comments:

One of my favorite thing to do during my free time is to do fashion sketching. I've learnt my drawing and editing through Youtube videos and I've been hooked since then.

Here is a wedding gown sketch that I prepared just now. A minimalist pleated wedding gown in Duchess Satin.. hmmm... 

wedding gown sketch illustration

Hope you like it!

Friday, July 13, 2012

DIY Ribbon Hairband | 4 comments:

I was having two days off work this week so in order to fill my free time, I've decided to DIY a hairband. I have been longing for this Ferragamo ribbon hairband for the longest time but was too broke to buy one. 

Cotton Hairband by Ferragamo

And since I have so many craft materials and felts fabrics at home, I thought, why not just make one!

The materials needed are: Felts, plain hairband, ribbon, glue, needle and thread.

In the end, I did not use the needle and thread because I used the glue to stick everything up.

Both the felts and plain hairband were bought in Etsy. I love the felts very much and I usually use it to make my amigurumi dolls. :)

After wrapping the plain hairband and made a double bow, I stick both together and voila! Hairband is made...

I've even stick two rhinestones in the middle to add some bling to it.. I likey!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sexy Back | No comments:

Welcome to my blog. On my first post, I am going to write about my favorite topic, which is WEDDING GOWN!

Over the years, designers had been working very hard to come up with different wedding gown designs. Besides having varieties of necklines, designers have also been paying attention to the back designs.

Here are some of the back designs that I especially love very much!























All designs are by various of designers from JLM Couture.

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