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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Do You Believe in Spirits or Lost Souls? | No comments:

Photo credits to Rap Genius
According to Taoism and Buddhism, every 14th of the 7th lunar month marks the opening of hell gate. Which means, the lost souls will be out and about the street, hunting for food and to pay the livings an annual visit. I am not sure how it works or if the deceased needs any permit to go out but you can learn more about it on Wikipedia.

And this festival is what triggered me to write this post, I consider myself as a modern generation-Y girl who are rebellious towards traditional superstitions (or in my opinion stupistitions because some of them can be really ridiculous). But, I do believe in the existence of spirits, whether they come out or not during a particular month, but I believe that they are always around.

Since young , I have been told not to talk nonsense when I go to unfamiliar places, especially secluded ones such as mountains, island resorts and etc. Because the elderly believe that, if you talk about them, it will be regarded as an invitation for them to join the conversation.

Which is why I have a few things that I will not do and will forbid my family or friends from doing it when we are on a trip.
  1. Tell/ watch horror stories
  2. Talk anything related to it
  3. Play stupid games such as the Ouija board
  4. Drink alcohol, I refuse to drink in places that I am not familiar with. Not only I am afraid of the unseen, I am also scared of the humans who would take advantage or harm you when you are vulnerable.
So I can be quite bossy when it comes to this sort of things. Because I am sure no one would want to have an additional passenger in the car when you are on your way home. Prevention is better than cure right?

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Girl's Weekend Getaway at Avani Sepang Goldcoast Resort | No comments:

Months ago, my friend extended her invitation to a complimentary 1 night stay in Avani Sepang Goldcoast Resort. We jumped with joy upon knowing and started our planning way ahead of the trip.

I was especially ecstatic because if you've seen my previous post, this would be my first ever road trip with friends. 

 We had a really great time throughout the trip. And as all four of us clicked so well, the journey to me, was really memorable and this trip made me cherish our friendship even more.

I will talk about the trip in details once I get my hands on all the photos (which will probably take a month) as most of the photos are in my friend's phone.

For now, let me end this post with a #selfie taken on a buggy while on our way to check out.

clementine cheah, avani sepang goldcoast resort

Friday, August 08, 2014

First Road Trip! | No comments:

I am so excited! Tomorrow I will be going on a road trip with my colleagues. The last time I had a road trip with my friends was.. well, I can't recall because there was none. :S Yups for the first time ever, I will be going out without my mom's supervision and husband's supervision. Just us girls having a great trip together. (This made me sound like a small kid going to my first school trip..tsk)

For the past few weeks, I have been planning what to wear, what to bring, planned our food because food can be expensive in tourist areas so we planned to have steamboat in our balcony which has a full sea view. Can you imagine how lovely the steamboat session is going to be. Girls chat, delicious steamboat, wind blowing your hair sexily, champagne..yums..I can't wait

Yes, when I said I have been planning, it was a full checklist in excel sheet categorised by clothes, food, toiletries, electronic gadgets..yeah the whole long list.

I've even shared this exciting news with my mom, much to her objection. The first thing she said was, why didn't you object? Who are your friends? Bla bla bla..and after some persuasion, she finally agreed with a condition that I have to call her every 2-3 hours to report my whereabout.

The husband on the other hand has been reminding me on things that I should bring. "Did you prepare a first aid box?" Oh yes I did, and in fact I had gone shopping yesterday with a checklist so I didn't leave out any essential medicines and ointments, dettol, plasters, mosquito repellent and the lot.

What else?

Oh yes, how can you go to a beach trip without a nice looking sandal. So I went over to Vincci to buy a gorgeous pair of sandal.

Oh my..I can hear the ocean's calling already..

I was beaming with pride when I showed my colleagues the checklist that I have made on excel until one of them said..

" realised that we are only going to a one night trip right?"

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Going Towards Uncivilisation | No comments:

Nowadays, reading news make me feel really sad. Everyday, there will news on bad and tragic incidents, war that took away life of the innocents, and last but not least nonsensical stuffs that people do. I am not sure if this only happen in Malaysia, headlines on local news never failed to make me go wtf or complete speechless.

For example, the recent, ever so popular news on a bunch of nudist playing some silly sports games in Penang. Arrghhh! What on earth?1? I consider myself pretty open minded and all, but what the heck, a bunch a adults stripping naked, running around on the beach, body painting and a bunch of activities that look downright obscene. It's something that I can't accept at all.

I mean, what is the objective of this event? How is this beneficial to the earth or environment? I understand those nude protest that fight against animal cruelty and all, but this..this has nothing to do with any causes, even if there is, I see none.

Then there are news about people stabbing each other over some stupid argument, killing another human like they are some bug. Zapppp! Just like that. What is going on to our moral and compassion? Don't people have any sympathy and humanity anymore? Grandchild hitting the grandparents with wooden sticks because the grandparents nagged too much.

Seriously. Speechless.

And of course, who can forget the tragic plane accident that happened a few weeks back killing 298 innocence. Sigh~ I had troubled sleeping when I heard the news. And I believe this incident will haunt everyone for many years to come.

It's a very sad world that we are living in. And it somehow made me feel afraid of having more babies because if the world that we are living now is already so scary, I couldn't imagine what it is going to happen in the future.

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