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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Heartwarming Thai TV Commercial | No comments:

This video had me started crying in the office at 1:55.

It's brilliant, and I hope that I will be able to see these touching commercials on Malaysian tv as well instead of those lame-trying-hard-to-be-funny-ads.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I Got My First Hair Dryer : Panasonic EH-ND52 | 1 comment:

I am one of those people who would say no in trying different style when it comes to my hair. Over the years, I have tried curling my hair into afro style, then straighten it with hints of purple, coloured it, side shaved and had rebonded it a couple of times. Add on improper hair care, I am not surprised that I ended with really frizzy hair.

Frizzy hair on my best hair day

Somewhere in September, I was so fedup with my unmanageable hair, I have decided to go for another round of rebonding session hoping that it would straighten away my frizzes. 

Saw a cheap deal on Living Social and went for it. The results were not good but it was expected because I only RM70 for it when salon usually charges RM300-RM400 for it.

But it became so much worst after I had my first wash so after reading through blogs and beauty sites, I had decided that I probably need a hair dryer, or more accurately known as Ioniser Hair Dryer.  I went shopping for it and we bought one from Panasonic. RM90, I get noise free hair dryer that helps my hair to become smooth and shiny.

hair dryer
My first Hair Dryer at 28 years of age

And it was one of the best RM90 spent ever! For RM90 I get to have smooth and frizzey-less hair each time I shampooed. Add in a couple of hair moisturisers, my hair is now at its best condition ever since I started to do all sorts of nonsense to it. 

I love my hair

Slightly wavy at the ends, exactly how I like my hair to be!

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

How To Throw a Memorable Birthday Party in the Office | No comments:

It was my colleague's birthday a few days ago and in order to make her birthday different from the normal birthday celebration in the pantry, I pranked her with a watermelon.

Everyone in the Marketing was informed to NOT give birthday wish to this girl on her special day. It was purposely delayed until a week later in order to convince her that we had totally forgotten about her birthday.

Get a watermelon!

Wait till it was almost time to go home. Get everyone to gather in the pantry and present the Birthday Watermelon to the birthday girl with a birthday song!

Get her to make a wish and blow the candle off the watermelon.


Her reaction : Priceless

Continue talking as if the half of watermelon if the only thing we bought and make her cut them into small pieces.

Bring out the cake that one of your colleague has been tasked to hide.

Make her make another wish.

Continue laughing at birthday girl's reaction.

Happy Birthday my friend.

*Looking at who is next on the birthday prank list  

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