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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Crying Over Spilled Milk | No comments:

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June 2014 has been a stressful month to me, with so many negative things going on, I sometimes feel like burying my head to the pillow and cry out my anxieties. I always try hard to turn every problem into a positive thought because it will help make me feel better. Thank goodness it happen this way and not the other way round. I'm glad we only have to go through this because it could been worse. These are what I will usually say to keep calm and continuously be grateful with what the God had in his plan. But when troubles come one after another, it became a little too much for me.

I admit that most problem can be avoided if I would have think twice or thrice before doing it but I just don't understand why it all have to happen at the same month.

Two days ago, I spilled milk on one side of my company's laptop. The laptop had stopped working and now I might need to reimburse for the damages. I am not sure how much it cost but I know that it will definitely cost a lot because it is a new laptop.

I accept the punishment because it is caused by my carelessness but the expenses are too much to bear especially after spending so much curing my son's sinusitis and the traveling expenses up to Butterworth to bring him to the doctor.

I really wonder when things can finally go smoothly and I am still waiting for the day to come when I can have enough savings to buy a car for myself. Sigh...

My IT colleagues somehow managed to get the replacement part and had my laptop repaired! As my laptop is still covered under warranty, I didn't have to make any compensation. Oh my God. I almost cried when they passed me my laptop. I told my colleague that I will give him a great big hug if he is a woman. 
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