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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Letter to 30 Year Old Self | No comments:

Hi Clementine of 2015,

I initially wanted to write a letter to the 35 years old me but decided to to forgo the plan after calculating the number of years it take for me to reach the age of 35.

So, hello, I hope you are doing well. Let me do some brief explanation on why this post is written just to refresh your memory a little. The reasons I am writing to you is because I wanted to set some goals and expectations when you hit the big 30. And I have set the calendar on Google to remind you about this post on 26th April 2015, and to see if you have achieved any of the goals. (You are feeling the pressure already..I know.) Besides that, this post will remind you how was it like when you were me.

Today is 18th of December, 2013, I was in the office, listening to Hans Zimmer's epic music compilation when I was writing this post. Last night, me and hubby of 2013 were watching Thor 2 in GSC, One Utama and it was so so awesome. Loki is like the cutest villain ever.

Hubby has been more loving than ever. Never failed to provide me with love and support whenever I need him too. Although he can be annoying at times but I guessed that's how we keep our sparks alive. Argue, kiss and makeup, as they would say. Hehehe..

Baby is going to take his first step into education in another 15 days. I am pretty nervous but I am sure that he will glide through the challenges just fine. And he is like a mini socialite in his tender age so I think he will be able to make new friends quite easily.

Mom is getting older and has pretty much lost her explosives temper. It has been three months since she scolded me disruptively. That is a pretty good progress.

In the mid of 2013, I was given the opportunity to work in a big MNC as a Marcomms Exec and I am currently positioned as the Digital Exec, managing Online Marketing activities for one of the biggest Washroom Hygiene Solutions and Pest Control company in the world. I am forever grateful that I have chosen the "Road Not Taken" and entered the corporate world. Was superbly challenging at first, but I feel that this is where I belong now.

Financially, we are a little bit more stable now compared to those years before. Myself from 2011-2012 had been really terrible and had me feeling disappointed with her actions. So this year hubby and I had been working our butts off clearing off our debts to banks, family and friends. I am currently doing some alterations on the sides in order to earn some extra income so that I am able to afford little luxury in life after our hard work.

So Clementine of 2014 and 2015, now that I've told you my story, I need a favor from you. Here are a list of things that I hope you can work hard to achieve.

1) You and hubby of 2015 need to kick all your tenants out and stay on your own without any strangers in your house gagging herself and hogging the TV 24/7.
2)You need to work harder to clear off 100% of your debts by 2014.
3) I want you to get yourself a car. You might not be able to afford my dream car yet (which is Ford S Max at the time of writing, but you know well how fickle minded I can be.. hehe) but at the very least, get a Perodua Myvi.
4) Career wise, you have to at least be an Assistant Manager, earning at least RM3,800.00 monthly. I do not expect you to start a business or anything like that because I know it is not going to be easy and all the risks that you, myself of 2014 and I need to take into account.
5) And this year, you will need to start your production engine and produce baby number two.
6) You need to master Adobe After Effect and have the ability to create animation at the tip of your finger tips.
7) You need to be well verse in Online Marketing languages, knowing the tips and tricks inside out.

and lastly,

8) You need to improve yourself as a person, be humble, continue to be grateful with all the opportunities and chances given, increase your level of patience and be a better person than me.

Oh and please...DO NOT gain anymore weight!

Here's a photo of me and hubby of 2013 with no makeup and minimal edit taken on 14th December 2013 while waiting for some Char Kuey Teow which took like 30-40 minutes to serve 
So, do you think you can achieve them all? If you did, you may now switch off the laptop, get yourself to the nearest mall and reward yourself with some shopping because you have made yourself, the 2014 self and myself proud. And I think Hubby of 2013, 2014 and 2015 will be equally proud of you as well. Have faith and I wish you the very best of luck!

with lots of love,
Clementine of 2013

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