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Saturday, October 05, 2013

Reboot Cold Pressed Juice | No comments:

I have been practising healthy eating for the past few weeks, substituting my usual ribena to apple vinegar and honey drink and so on. So I was intrigued when my manager shared with us about cold pressed fruit juice.

So how exactly is cold pressing different from the usual juicing?

Cold pressed juicers extract juice by first crushing and then pressing fruit and vegetables for the highest juice yield. Because they don't produce as much heat, they keep more of the fresh ingredients' nutrients intact. 
- Huffington Post
I joined the train ride when my colleagues decide to buy the juices together. I did not go for the extreme like a full day detox kit because I thought I had enough fruits and veges in a day so I ought to try something different.

CACAO ALMOND - almond, soy, cacao, raisin, sea salt
Heart Supporting, Cancer Fighting, Muscle & Vein Calming

ALMOND DREAM - almond, soy, raisin, sea salt
Heart Supporting, Cancer Fighting, Muscle & Vein Calming

I tried both the almond milks and both of them tasted really good.

I actually can't wait to try the other juices especially the 1 day Cleanse kit to detox and cleanse out all the junks that I had been eating for the past few years.

Why is it important to detox? Read the information from the illustration below.

If you feel like trying out the Reboot Cold Pressed Juice, feel free to contact them via their Facebook page at

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Almond Dream tastes like cinnamon flavoured soy milk


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