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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fashion Illustration : Minimalist Wedding Gown | 3 comments:

One of my favorite thing to do during my free time is to do fashion sketching. I've learnt my drawing and editing through Youtube videos and I've been hooked since then.

Here is a wedding gown sketch that I prepared just now. A minimalist pleated wedding gown in Duchess Satin.. hmmm... 

wedding gown sketch illustration

Hope you like it!

Friday, July 13, 2012

DIY Ribbon Hairband | 4 comments:

I was having two days off work this week so in order to fill my free time, I've decided to DIY a hairband. I have been longing for this Ferragamo ribbon hairband for the longest time but was too broke to buy one. 

Cotton Hairband by Ferragamo

And since I have so many craft materials and felts fabrics at home, I thought, why not just make one!

The materials needed are: Felts, plain hairband, ribbon, glue, needle and thread.

In the end, I did not use the needle and thread because I used the glue to stick everything up.

Both the felts and plain hairband were bought in Etsy. I love the felts very much and I usually use it to make my amigurumi dolls. :)

After wrapping the plain hairband and made a double bow, I stick both together and voila! Hairband is made...

I've even stick two rhinestones in the middle to add some bling to it.. I likey!

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