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Monday, December 29, 2014

Video Cam Incident | No comments:

I have not been active in updating my blog recently, but this story is so EPIC, it deserves to be recorded in this blog for future laugh.

So today I had an appointment with a client for her wedding gown fitting. This is the second time I meet the couple since the day they brought their gowns over two weeks ago. As I was waiting for them to come, I did some sewing while watching reruns of Running Man on my laptop. And around 6.30 pm, I heard my doorbell rang, so I paused the video that was playing on my laptop and went to greet the couple and get the bride to try on her altered gowns.

Although I have been in the bridal industry for years, I am still not used to seeing clients change in front of me. So my usual practice is to wait at the door while the clients get changed.

After the bride was done, she called me in and there's when the couple asked an epic question. They looked at me with their eyes wide open and said..

"Does your laptop has a video camera? Are you filming me changing to share it online?"

I am not sure if the couple is trying to joke with me as they have been quite friendly and talkative when I met them the first time. But this time around, they looked really concerned, and didn't seem like they were joking so I replied them, "Don't worry, I am not that bian thai la" with a laugh, trying to chill them up. And they sort of loosen up a bit after that.

(Bian thai means psycho)

Eventhough I was calm and all throughout the fitting, deep down I totally went WTF because, WOW! why would they thought of that???? Do I look like some kind of mental disorder people who go around and film people changing????

After calming myself down, I thought well, probably they had bad experience before, who knows right? But OMG, I really really can't believe that they literally ask me that. 

Dear Mr & Mrs client, if you happen to bump into this post, don't worry, I may not be the kindest person on the planet, but I will not go to the extend of sharing porn videos online. So yeah, don't worry. :/

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