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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Do You Believe in Spirits or Lost Souls? | No comments:

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According to Taoism and Buddhism, every 14th of the 7th lunar month marks the opening of hell gate. Which means, the lost souls will be out and about the street, hunting for food and to pay the livings an annual visit. I am not sure how it works or if the deceased needs any permit to go out but you can learn more about it on Wikipedia.

And this festival is what triggered me to write this post, I consider myself as a modern generation-Y girl who are rebellious towards traditional superstitions (or in my opinion stupistitions because some of them can be really ridiculous). But, I do believe in the existence of spirits, whether they come out or not during a particular month, but I believe that they are always around.

Since young , I have been told not to talk nonsense when I go to unfamiliar places, especially secluded ones such as mountains, island resorts and etc. Because the elderly believe that, if you talk about them, it will be regarded as an invitation for them to join the conversation.

Which is why I have a few things that I will not do and will forbid my family or friends from doing it when we are on a trip.
  1. Tell/ watch horror stories
  2. Talk anything related to it
  3. Play stupid games such as the Ouija board
  4. Drink alcohol, I refuse to drink in places that I am not familiar with. Not only I am afraid of the unseen, I am also scared of the humans who would take advantage or harm you when you are vulnerable.
So I can be quite bossy when it comes to this sort of things. Because I am sure no one would want to have an additional passenger in the car when you are on your way home. Prevention is better than cure right?

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