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Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Going Towards Uncivilisation | No comments:

Nowadays, reading news make me feel really sad. Everyday, there will news on bad and tragic incidents, war that took away life of the innocents, and last but not least nonsensical stuffs that people do. I am not sure if this only happen in Malaysia, headlines on local news never failed to make me go wtf or complete speechless.

For example, the recent, ever so popular news on a bunch of nudist playing some silly sports games in Penang. Arrghhh! What on earth?1? I consider myself pretty open minded and all, but what the heck, a bunch a adults stripping naked, running around on the beach, body painting and a bunch of activities that look downright obscene. It's something that I can't accept at all.

I mean, what is the objective of this event? How is this beneficial to the earth or environment? I understand those nude protest that fight against animal cruelty and all, but this..this has nothing to do with any causes, even if there is, I see none.

Then there are news about people stabbing each other over some stupid argument, killing another human like they are some bug. Zapppp! Just like that. What is going on to our moral and compassion? Don't people have any sympathy and humanity anymore? Grandchild hitting the grandparents with wooden sticks because the grandparents nagged too much.

Seriously. Speechless.

And of course, who can forget the tragic plane accident that happened a few weeks back killing 298 innocence. Sigh~ I had troubled sleeping when I heard the news. And I believe this incident will haunt everyone for many years to come.

It's a very sad world that we are living in. And it somehow made me feel afraid of having more babies because if the world that we are living now is already so scary, I couldn't imagine what it is going to happen in the future.

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